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Autonomy vs. Protection for Older Women

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on July 23, 2020

By Harry S. Margolis


In an article in the ACTEC Law Journal titled "What If Granny Wants to Gamble? Balancing Autonomy and Vulnerability in the Golden Years,"  Professor Mary F. Radford of the Georgia State University School of Law discusses the tension between seeking protection of seniors from abuse and neglect while also preserving their autonomy.

Why Older Women?

She focuses on older women for two reasons: There are many more of them, because they live longer than men on average; and they're more likely to be isolated, making them more vulnerable to scams and abuse. The latter factor, of course, is related to the first, since those older women who were married to men are likely to survive them and end up living on their own.

Here are some interesting statistics Prof. Radford cites:

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Amazon Scam Almost Got Me

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on April 1, 2020

By Harry S. Margolis

Scams are getting more sophisticated, making them easier to fall for. My recent experience is a case in point. I received the following email purportedly from Amazon reporting on the delivery of an iPad from my account to a woman in Austin, Texas, who I had never heard of.


It looks authentic, doesn't it?

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You Don't Have to Be a Senior to be a Scam Victim

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on November 5, 2019

By Harry S. Margolis


I recently interviewed Steven Weisman about scams aimed at seniors for my podcast, AskHarry. Steve is of counsel to our firm and is an expert on how you can protect yourself from scams. His motto, at least in terms of scams, both online and off: "Things aren't as bad as you think, they are far worse . . ." I strongly recommend his website,, where he reports on scams occurring nationwide.

In talking with Steve, I was reminded of how I almost became the victim of a scam. We had visited old friends in New York and before we went out for dinner, Robin called to order in some food for her daughter. I was very impressed that she knew her credit card number by heart. So, I went home and memorized mine.

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