Planning for Life

Where Should You Live if You Can Live Anywhere?

No Legal Right to Notice, But How About a Moral Right?

Why Not Medicaid (MassHealth) for All?

Build Back Better Act's Downpayment on Improved Care for Seniors

Locking in the $12 Million Gift Tax Exclusion

Homestead Declaration Stands Up Despite Substantial Time Spent Out of State

Why Trusts Work Better than Durable Powers of Attorney

The First Step on the Thinking Ahead Roadmap: Choose Your Financial Advocate

One Instance Not to Name Your Trust as Beneficiary of Your IRA

Lack of Family Support Exacerbates Future of LTC

The Caring Economy Finally Recognized

Asset Protection Trusts and Personal Responsibility

The All-Too-Common Misuse of Nominee Realty Trusts, and the Consequences

Egg on My Face: Misunderstanding the Massachusetts Estate Tax

Chalk Up Another Loss to MassHealth

Work Longer, Live Longer

Long-Term Care Takes a Family -- Massachusetts

6 Reasons to Keep the Massachusetts Estate Tax

How to Protect a Child's Inheritance from Divorce in Massachusetts

Get Your S*** Together Estate Planning Site

4 Reasons Why You Probably Don't Want an ILIT

SJC Grants Conservators Quasi-Judicial Immunity, to an Extent

New MMMNA Figures Released, But What's an MMMNA?

Limited POA Does Not Make Trust Countable SJC Rules

Is a Grandchild Born Out of Wedlock a "Grandchild" in a Trust?

Getting Together Later in Life? Put Your Intentions in Writing

Why Must Centenarian Resort to GoFundMe to Pay for Home Care?

Case Muddies MassHealth Annuity Situation

The 2020 Census, Massachusetts, and the Baby Boomer Tsunami

Let’s Clarify the MassHealth Notice Sent to All Members That is Causing Anxiety and Confusion

Post-Divorce (or Separation), Check Your Beneficiary Designations

Should You Do Estate Tax Planning in Massachusetts?

'Take Me Out and Shoot Me' Plan Leads to Family Squabble

More Baby Boomers Postponing Retirement Provides Longevity Protection

End Estate Recovery Now!

Move Out of Your House Before It's Too Late!

How Does Your Homestead Protection Work in Practice?

MassHealth to Broaden Estate Recovery Hardship Exception

What to Do About Hospital Observation Status Under Medicare

Trust May Be Reformed to Avoid MassHealth Payback

John Oliver Takes on the Long-Term Care Industry

Pandemic Highlights Caregiver Crisis, Biden Bill a Step to a Solution

Beware the Missing Schedule of Beneficiaries for your Nominee Realty Trust

Appeals Court Clarifies Standards for Rogers Decisions

Check Your Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations!

Which Spouse is the "Spouse" in the Trust?

Nursing Homes Crisis: Pandemic Deaths and 5-Star Ratings

Some Biden Tax Proposals I Can Support

3 Reasons I Disagree with Biden on the Step-Up in Basis (But Support His Other Tax Proposals)

Free Britney! Why Her Conservatorship is Inappropriate

Martha's Vineyard Senior Gets Home Back After Undue Influence & Fraud

How Men Often Shortchange their Wives' Social Security Benefits

You've Been Appointed Trustee, Watch Out! - Massachusetts

SJC Rules House in Nominee Trust Not a Countable Asset for MassHealth

Oldest Baby Boomers Turning 75: A Time to Plan

Will You Leave Your Children a Negative Inheritance?

How the Pandemic will Permanently Change the Practice of Law

Can Trust Pay for Voodoo Cure?

Case Shows Difficulty of Overturning Estate Plan for Lack of Capacity

What is Elder Law?

Life Can Get Complicated, But Don't Fret the Small Stuff

Apple Forces Our Client to Court: How to Avoid this Happening to Your Heirs

Why Postponing Retirement Can Enhance Your Life

SJC Imposes Time Limit on MassHealth Estate Recovery

What Can Non-U.S. Citizen Spouse Do to Avoid MA Estate Tax?

What Should the Estate Tax Threshold Be?

Court Allows Claim Against Goulston & Storrs to Proceed to Trial

Can You Put a Retirement Plan in a Special Needs Trust?

Tony Hsieh: Tragically, Another Celebrity Without an Estate Plan

Are You a Maximalists or a Minimalist When It Comes to Medical Care?

Is Handwritten Will Valid? No, But Life Tenancy May Still Exist

10 Resources to Make Your Children's Lives Easier

5 Considerations When Living with Your Parents (or Children)

Take Advantage of One-Time Charitable Tax Deduction Before End of Year

What are Your End-of-Life Wishes?

GAO Reports Home Care Workers Still Underpaid Despite New Protections

A Peril of Life Estates, and Three Solutions

The Challenge of Protecting The House When One Spouse is in a Nursing Home

SJC Holds Self-Settled Asset Protection Trust No Bar to Wrongful Death Claim

1989 MassHealth Plan Works Like a Charm in 2020!

AskHarry Podcast Episode 2: The Benefits and Risks of Revocable Trusts and Annuities for Seniors

Son Permitted to Present Evidence of Will's Validity

Deaths in Nursing Homes: How We Let Down Our Older Citizens

AskHarry Podcast Episode 1: Planning Steps Seniors Can Take for their Protection

New York Life Hierarchy of Financial Needs Shortchanges Estate Planning

Don't Miss Out on Your 100 Days of Medicare SNF Care

We're Getting Older, But Not as Old as Some Countries

Why You Might Want a SECURE SNT

Health Care Agent Decides on Antipsychotic Medications, Not Court

Appeals Court Case Potentially Undermines Phannenstiehl Protections

Remaindermen Cannot Force Sale of Property in Life Estate

SJC Rules on Effect of Out-of-State QTIP Election in Massachusetts

Enhanced Unemployment Benefit Protects Caregivers and Families

Autonomy vs. Protection for Older Women

4 Reasons to Pay Caregivers More

Law as Prediction: Two Cases I Got Wrong, But My Partners Got Right

Should You Use a Lawyer or Do It Yourself?

System Failures: Policing, Public Health, Education, Housing, Long-Term Care

We're Reemerging, Carefully

SECURE Act Complicated Things, CARES Act Further Changes IRA Withdrawal Rules

You Don't Need a Lawyer for Your Advance Directive

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

"For the duration . . ."

Remote Notarization Law Now Available in Massachusetts

Why Don't We Have Virtual Notarization Yet? (Actually, now we do)

Estate Planning in the Time of Coronavirus

Have Your Go Bag Ready in Case You Fall Ill

Who Gets Cash Found in House?

What is Settlement Planning?

Amazon Scam Almost Got Me

Document Execution in the Time of Coronavirus

How Can You Help Your Aging Parents from a Distance?

10 Positive Effects of the Coronavirus

Attorney Sarah Hartline Gets MassHealth Transfer Penalty Overturned

The Coronavirus and Senior Living Facilities

How Long Must Lawyers Hold Original Wills?

It's Only Fair to Pay Caregivers Above the Table

What to Do About Medicare Observation Status

Divide Things, Not Families

5 Common MassHealth Myths & Misconceptions

Your 18-Year-Old Needs These 3 Documents

How Can Tangibles be Fairly Divided?

Court Rules MassHealth Must Return Annuity Payments

Should There Be a Tax on Just 2,000 Estates Each Year?

What You Need to Know about Special Needs Trusts and Taxes

3 Implications of the SECURE Act

You Can't Amend Your Trust by Post-It Note

What the SECURE Act is All About

Assisted Living Facilities Subject to Landlord-Tenant Law, SJC Rules

Assisted Living and Wishful Thinking

Inequality of Aging Baby Boomers to Create Huge Challenge for the U.S.

The Pernicious Unfairness of MassHealth Estate Recovery

Ultimate Juggling Act: Working, Raising Children, & Caring for Parents

How Does MassHealth Calculate Life Estates?

You Don't Have to Be a Senior to be a Scam Victim

Aging 2.0 Conference Paints Challenging Picture for Baby Boomers

Massachusetts Scores in Middle of Ranking of Best States for Aging

SNT vs. ABLE Account: Which Makes More Sense for You

Should Landlord-Tenant Laws Apply to Assisted Living Facilities?

Massachusetts Taxes Real Estate in Estates of Non-Residents

Now or Never, MassHealth to Close Door on Pooled Disability Trusts -- Or Perhaps Not

5 Ways to Divide Tangible Property in an Estate

States Experiment on Long-Term Care, But Where's Massachusetts?

Wonder What You Need to Do as Executor? Website Provides the Answers

Not Enough Retirement Savings? You're Not Alone & It's Not Your Fault

Social Security Decisions Can Have a Major Impact on Your Benefits

Senior Tax Breaks: Boon or Ticking Bomb?

Is MassHealth Really a State Budget Buster?

7 Questions to Ask Regarding Your Vacation Home

8 Dos and 2 Don'ts for Serving as Trustee

6 Rules of Thumb in Choosing An Agent Under A Durable Power of Attorney

5 Reasons to Use a Pooled Trust for MassHealth

D'Agostino Wins MassHealth Trust Case

Timing is Everything: Don’t Wait Too Long to Sue Your Brother

Will the Vacation Home Keep the Family Together or Tear it Apart?

Should Seniors Downsize or Age in Place?

7 Ways to Divvy Up Your Stuff

What is the Standard for Incapacity to Sign a Legal Document?

Trustee Beware—Fee Petition Turned Down

7 Reasons to Use a Professional Trustee

The Facts on Alzheimer's Disease and Other Forms of Dementia

4 Steps to Protect Your Digital Estate

Where Should You Live as You Age?

What Happens in Massachusetts if You Don't have a Health Care Proxy?

Lawyer for the Situation or for the Family

Don't Let the Perfect Plan Get in the Way of a Good One

How Much Should You Give to Charity? When? Which Charities?

When to Use an ABLE Account

Divorce-Created SNT Deemed Self-Settled for Creditor Purposes

SJC Rules Surviving Spouse Gets Life Estate in Real Estate

Court Faults 'Arbitrary and Capricious' MassHealth Hearing Decision

6 Red Flags of Potential Undue Influence, and How to Respond

What's a Trustee to Do Without Guidance? Provide a Letter of Wishes

Beware the Use of Preprinted Probate Forms

5 Management Lessons from Bill Belichick

Don't Ask a Neuropsychologist About Legal Capacity

Couple Ordered to Complete Sale of Nahant Home Despite Incapacity Claim

Strategies for a Full Life with Dementia

Why the Governor's Council Should be Abolished

Home Care Benefits and Risks

Russell, McTernan, McTernan & Fruci of Norwood Merges with Margolis & Bloom

Can an Online Note Serve as a Will?

Bonazzoli Recommends Program for Dealing with Estate Planning Unknowns

Why Didn't Aretha Have a Will?

Why You Don't Need to Review Your Estate Plan Every 5 Years (Unless You're 60+)

Why Would Anyone Do Estate Planning? A Lot of Bang for the Buck

New End-of-Life Resource in Massachusetts

MassHealth Held to Violate Notice Requirements in Trust Cases

USEFUL TOOL: Pre-Guardianship Checklist

John Oliver Explains Guardianship

Does Contested Language Create a Life Estate in Land?

MassHealth Permitted Late Intervention in Personal Injury Case

What's It Like to Meet with an Attorney to Do Your Estate Plan?

Brookline Nursing Home Subject to 93A Claim

M&B Attorneys Win Two MassHealth Trust Hearings

Should You Engage in Massachusetts Estate Tax Planning?

Managing Risk for Unpredictable Events

MassHealth Denial in Trust Case Overturned

Why We Don't Plan: Prunes

Why Are Lawyers So Expensive?

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