Putting off planning your estate? Don’t know where to start?

This simple-yet-comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know (in plain English) to secure your future – and your family’s. Updated for 2020 with a complete description of the new IRA rules under the SECURE Act.



  "I just ordered your book and wanted you to know that I think it is a wonderful introduction to the complexities of late life planning that is extremely helpful to the layman.  Most things I've read leave me more confused after I've finished than when I started.  Your book, on the other hand, explains things in pretty simple language and with a most welcome touch of humor mixed in. "

This book takes you through the estate planning process step by step.


Whether you’re currently creating a plan, getting ready to start, or looking for an explanation of documents you’ve already signed, ‘Get Your Ducks in a Row: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Estate Planning’ will provide the information you need, including:

  • Answers to the most common estate planning questions
  • Common estate planning terms, demystified
  • The Five (or Six or Seven) Essential Documents everyone over 55 needs (and how to fill them out)
  • Description of the new SECURE Act and how it may change your planning
  • An overview of more complex estate planning scenarios
  • Help deciding when it’s time to consult an attorney
  • And more…

Featuring practical advice and easy-to-follow examples gleaned from the author’s 30-plus years of experience in elder law and estate planning, Get Your Ducks in a Row: The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Estate Planning will help you take control, make a plan, and ensure your family—and yourself—a secure and comfortable future.




Part 1: The Five (or Six or Seven) Essential Documents

Chapter 1: Durable Power of Attorney
Chapter 2: Health Care Directives
Chapter 3: HIPAA Release
Chapter 4: Wil
Chapter 5 Revocable Trust
Chapter 6: “Bonus” Essentials

Book Contents

Part 2: Special Situations in Estate Planning

Chapter 7: Estate and Gift Taxes
Chapter 8: Long-Term Care
Chapter 9: Special Needs
Chapter 10: Second Marriages or Relationships and Non-Traditional Families
Chapter 11: Retirement Plans
Chapter 12: Asset Protection
Chapter 13: Vacation Homes
Chapter 14: Non-U.S. Citizens
Chapter 15: Property in Other Countries
Chapter 16: Pets
Chapter 17: Charitable Giving
Chapter 18: Intergenerational Living
Chapter 19: Financial Planning
Chapter 20: Life Insurance
Chapter 21: Steps for the Next Generation




Part 3: Creating a Plan

Chapter 22: Do You Need an Attorney?
Chapter 23: Finding the Right Attorney
Chapter 24: Online DIY Options
Chapter 25: Worksheets and Forms
Chapter 26: What to Do with Your Documents
Chapter 27: Reviewing and Updating Your Plan

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